Hello and welcome!
Hello and welcome!

Are you feeling let down by standard medical care?

Get important diagnostic help in your very first visit.

We are a Functional Medicine Practice: Diagnosing and Naturally Treating 
Women with Low-Thyroid, Hormonal, Allergy and Gut Issues

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If chronic problems are robbing you of productive days and restful sleep, you can feel better. Have too-general lab tests failed to explain your symptoms? In hypothyroidism, for instance, there are at least 23 potential places in the body where thyroid function may be disrupted, but many physicians look at one or two. A Functional Medicine approach involves natural treatment and is more thorough.

I had been very ill for many years and had been to every kind of doctor. Dr. Carrick helped me gain a higher level of function where no one else could. . . . She is a brilliant, caring, and gifted healthcare professional who has made a big difference in my life.*



*Individual results may vary

Dr. Karen Carrick

  • Opened Natural Healthcare and Diagnostics in 1996
  • Over 20 years of experience in Functional Medicine diagnostics & treatment
  • Over 40 years of using the highly effective diagnostic process of Dr. Wally Schimitt (determining what to do first, next and last)
  • More than 3000 hours of post-doctoral training in Functional Medicine from Dr. Datis Kharrazian and the Institute for Functional Medicine

Dr. Carrick practices personalized medicine because everyone has a unique physiology, diet and life experience. Using a combination of in-office diagnostic tools (see Unique Care), genetic testing, and state-of-the-art lab tests, she looks for healthy digestion, hormone balance, blood-sugar regulation, immune-system strength, detox capability, and proper nutrient status. She has also spent decades addressing musculo-skeletal injuries and chronic pain issues with natural treatment (see Pain in our Menu). 

I protect my patients’ time and resources by doing only targeted, diagnostic lab testing. My goal is to help patients be genuinely well, rather than for anyone to have to keep returning to me. 

I help patients whose experience in traditional medicine has been disappointing, has failed to address their chronic issues. I also help patients who have tried a less traditional route. If you have attempted to diagnose or to treat a problem yourself by reading health information (i.e., Dr. Google) or by watching the many health summits available online, I can provide guidance about what information or tests are truly beneficial and what are not. If you have ordered direct-to-consumer tests at some point in the past, I can interpret those tests for you and advise about next steps.

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