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Help For Pain

Pain from recent injuries or long-term pain are difficult for anyone. The individual attention and care given at Natural Healthcare & Diagnostics is appreciated by our patients.

Dr. Carrick’s desire is to find the genuine source and cause of pain; to alleviate or end it entirely; and to lower harmful inflammation through systemic, wholistic treatment. With a gentle manner, she has a number of tools for addressing pain and extending comfort to patients.

“For the better part of three years, I’ve had attacks of trigeminal neuralgia that also involved the vagus nerve. My face felt like it was burning, my teeth and sinuses hurt, my vision blurred and my head pounded. I sought relief from specialists in neurology, rheumatology, pro-facial pain, and on and on with no relief. . . . Using FSM, Dr. Carrick was able to eliminate the pain and interrupt the frequency of episodes. After the most recent treatment, I went for four months without pain and without an attack. I am grateful for her care and her insights into treatment with FSM.”*

D. E., Raleigh

*Results may vary

Functional Medicine is used to determine what is contributing to lingering or worsening pain and to treat chronic inflammation, which is detrimental to overall health. Quintessential Applications of Applied Kinesiology (“muscle testing”); Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM); Ultrasound Therapy; and chiropractic care may also be used and are described in more detail below (and on our Unique Care page).

Decades of Experience


In addition to extensive post-doctoral work in Functional Medicine, Dr. Carrick received a chiropractic degree in 1979 and has successfully treated hundreds of patients with pain issues. She has the experience to know when pain may be related to more serious conditions.

Quintessential Applications of AK (muscle testing) is used to identify contributing factors to the kind of pain that isn’t easily explained. Ultrasound Therapy increases circulation to sore muscles and decreases swelling. For neurological pain, Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) may be used. FSM helps to normalize vagus-nerve function and to improve chronic pain issues involving the neck and feet. Chiropractic skill, also, may be needed to assess muscle injury.

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“My 12-year-old son got hurt playing soccer. He had debilitating pain in his back and was unable to pick up his leg to walk. The pediatrician prescribed prescription drugs and sent us home. Dr. Carrick saw him that same day and identified the underlying problem. . . . When we left her office after my first visit, he made significant progress. She referred us to a sports therapy trainer, and the two of them worked together to rehab the root cause of the problem. She has met my expectations many times for my husband, children and me over the past 12 years.”*

R.W., Registered Nurse, Raleigh

*Results may vary

Considering The Whole Body

Joint, muscle or other kinds of pain may be related to an injury, to a structural problem, or to other health conditions. Functional Medicine addresses pain by considering the whole body: blood-sugar regulation; a healthy microbiome, digestive tract and liver; hormonal balance; mitochondrial health; and an immune system that reacts properly.

“I first visited Dr. Carrick for a sharp pain in my neck and arms. . . . If she cannot stop the pain, she’ll find out why her treatment isn’t working. She did stop my neck pain, but the pain in my arms would not go away. . . . She attempted to take my blood pressure, which would not register, and she concluded that my problem was not muscular but vascular. She referred me to my family physician, and it was eventually determined that I have a very rare vascular disease. If not for Dr. Carrick’s patience and perseverance, I could be dead! . . . I would recommend her to anyone with an ache or pain. If she can’t fix it, she will not send you away with no resolution. She is no regular doctor! She is wonderful! “*

J.S., Raleigh

*Results may vary

Emotional Pain

Dr. Carrick’s patients know that she is a good listener, who approaches any chronic condition in a wholistic way. Emotional pain and stress are inflammatory, so reducing both is helpful. Over the years, Dr. Carrick has used a self-affirming technique with hundreds of patients, to encourage them and to lift their self-esteem.