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When Dr. Karen Carrick opened Natural Healthcare & Diagnostics, it was one of the first medical practices in the Triangle area to support a patient centered approach to care that considers the entire individual rather than just a set of symptoms. For persistent conditions, patients are evaluated on a deeper level, with attention to things like mitochondrial energy function or the body’s bacterial antioxidant strength.

“Dr. Carrick is the person I look to for my primary care. Not only are her rates extremely reasonable… she is open-minded, a great listener, and has assisted me in solving issues when other medical professionals said there was nothing wrong with me…. She also has been quick to refer me to others in the very few cases where she felt I needed some other treatment. . . . I trust her implicitly as one of the key people on my healthcare team….”*
-N.B., Durham

*Results may vary

Dr. Carrick looks for the causes of chronic conditions, in order to remove those things that impede physical progress and to increase those things that enhance it. A thorough diagnosis is important for better health in the present and for years into the future.


For 25 years, Dr. Carrick, D.C., has been practicing careful, preventive natural health, and a long list of lives have been changed for the better. She has more than 3000 hours in post-doctoral training in Functional Medicine, through the Institute for Functional Medicine and the groundbreaking research of Dr. Datis Kharrazian. Her expertise also includes interpreting the complex nutritional picture presented by DNA genetic-variant testing. Dr. Carrick respects her patients’ time and limited resources and advocates lifestyle changes first—changes within a patient’s control.

Our Great Staff

Jeannie Jones

Jeannie is our kind, steady Office Manager. From a medical family, Jeannie was always interested in medicine. After majoring in English and Business in college, she enjoyed being the Medical Staff Coordinator at Langley Air Force Base Hospital. Jeannie has one daughter; two sons; three granddaughters; and one grandson. She is happiest when surrounded by all of them.

Hannah Potera

Hannah is Dr. Carrick’s new assistant, whose job at Natural Healthcare & Diagnostics has influenced her choice of study and future career. A bright and beloved member of the staff, Hannah plays an important role with patients in explaining both the results of in-office testing and the treatment Dr. Carrick has chosen.

Jesse Locklear

Jesse is our excellent Massage Therapist (see Massage in the Menu), offering Lymphatic Massage; Swedish Deep-Tissue Massage; Pre-Natal Massage and Reflexology. She received a B.S. degree in Clinical Laboratory Science from UNC-Chapel Hill. She then worked as a Clinical Laboratory Tech at UNC Healthcare for four years and as a Clinical Supervisor for seven years. After completing a Therapeutic Massage Program, she interned at the Healing Arts and Massage School in Raleigh, where she received commendations from both instructors and clients.

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