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  • "I first visited Dr. Carrick for a sharp pain in  my neck and arms. . . . If she cannot stop the pain, she'll find out why her treatment isn't working. She did stop my neck pain, but the pain in my arms would not go away. . . . She attempted to take my blood pressure, which would not register, and she concluded that my problem was not muscular but vascular. She referred me to my family physician, and it was eventually determined that I have a very rare vascular disease. If not for Dr. Carrick's patience and perseverance, I could be dead! . . . I would recommend her to anyone with an ache or pain. If she can't fix it, she will not send you away with no resolution. She is no regular doctor! She is wonderful! *



*Individual Results May Vary


Joint, muscle or other kinds of pain may be related to an injury, to a structural problem, or to other health conditions. Functional Medicine addresses pain by taking the whole body into consideration: blood-sugar regulation; a healthy microbiome, digestive tract and liver; hormonal balance; mitochondrial health; and an immune system that reacts properly. As a Functional Medicine physician, Dr. Carrick looks at all of these areas. In addition to extensive post-doctoral training, she received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1979. With a gentle manner, she has the experience and knowledge to identify pain related to more serious conditions. Dr. Carrick may use Quintessential Applications of Applied Kinesiology to help identify contributing factors, in the case of pain that isn't easily explained. Cold Laser Therapy may be used to address persistent inflammation and edema (see Unique Care). Also, Ultrasound Therapy helps to increase circulation to sore muscles and to decrease swelling.

"My 12-year-old son got hurt playing soccer. He had debilitating pain in his back and was unable to pick up his leg to walk. The pediatrician prescribed prescription drugs and sent us home. Dr. Carrick saw him that same day and identified the underlying problem. . . . When we left her office after my first visit, he made significant progress. She referred us to a sports therapy trainer, and the two of them worked together to rehab the root cause of the problem. She has met my expectations many times for my husband, children and me over the past 12 years."*

R.W., Registered Nurse


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